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Wake Up to the Tea Kettle Alarm Clock

Whether you're a morning person or not, we can all agree that sometimes the blaring noise of our alarm clocks gives way to a special love/hate type of relationship with our mornings. Knowing the pains of waking up to the same annoying noises every day, Erin Turkoglu has come up with a great alarm clock that brings you peace and comfort to your mornings.

Instead of a loud obnoxious ringing in your ears, the Tea Kettle Alarm Clock wakes you up with the noise of a traditional steaming kettle and the smell of a warm cup of relaxing tea. The Tea Kettle Alarm Clock's simple design features an electrically powered heating pad and cup that mimics the sound of a steaming kettle while heating up a cup of warm tea for your morning.

For those that already like to make tea for their mornings, Turkoglu's design kills two birds with one stone! Head on over to Erin Turkoglu's blog for some more great designs.