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AF Space Command Says Keep Buying GPS

Like it or not, Twitter is a new, accepted way to communicate over the internet. The official U.S. Air Force Space Command held an interview over Twitter to answer questions regarding concerns of GPS satellites failing, possibly affecting the accuracy of global positioning systems.

Due to the nature of Twitter, the AF Space Command could only respond with messages no longer than 140 characters, but it still managed to stress several points that should put civilians at ease. We’ve clipped the pertinent bits for you to see here:

Agree w/ GAO there's a potential risk, but GPS isn't falling out of the sky-- e have plans to mitigate risk and prevent a gap in coverage.

The issue is not whether GPS will stop working. There's only a small risk we will not continue to exceed our performance standard

We're committed to the modernization of GPS. We already have two satellite programs underway to update our fleet.

We have the largest GPS constellation in history and active plans to mitigate any potential gap in coverage.

We have 30+ satellites on orbit now. We'll launch another in Aug 09, and again early 10. Going below 24 won't happen.

Go buy your GPS, it's a good bet. We have the largest and most accurate GPS constellation in history.

Check out the full transcript here. For now though, it seems that we can continue to depend on our electronic gadgets to tell us where to go.