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Agloves: The Silver-laced Gloves That Love Touchscreens

Putting the Ag in Agloves.

Everyone's toting around a touchscreen smartphone these days, but not all of us have figured out how to deal with exposed fingers in icy cold climates. For those of us in those colder parts of the world--we faced a tough winter with heavy amounts of snow.

Those who didn't have proper winter-wear often walked around with frozen fingers, painfully updating their statuses to tell the world about it. Those who had toasty hands were clearly happier, but there wasn't a way to type it out on the touchscreen without exposing fingers to the cold – unless they had a pair of conductive gloves.

The explosion of touchscreen phones meant that there was a new and growing market for conductive gloves that allowed the wearer to continue to operate a capacitive touchscreen. Many of these solutions made the tips of fingers conductive through a piece of metal or material that is laced with metal. While these worked, the best solution that we've found came from a Colorado operation called Agloves, whose sole product is conductive gloves made for touchscreen use.

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What sets the Agloves apart is that they're made from nylon fibers that are coated with silver. Those of you who remember your high-school chemistry will make the connection between Ag and how it fits into the name of the company and product.

This design that incorporates silver woven into the entire glove means that it uses the conductivity of your entire hand. Agloves claims that this means that if the tips of your fingertips are not conductive enough due to dryness and cold, the bioelectricity from the palm of your hand will conduct to your fingertips to allow them to continue working on touchscreens.