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Affinity Chair: The Houdini of Chairs

Although it may not be the most comfortable of chairs, Ben Alun-Jones' Affinity Chair concept might just solve your curiosity about sitting in Wonder Woman's invisible jet. 

"There is something of an ideology in chair design," Jones explains, "that really what you want to sit on is nothing – like you’re supported by air. That’s how I began creating a chair that, in a way, wasn’t there. A structure made out of light."

Made out of plastic acrylic sheets and one-way mirror film, the Affinity Chair reflects and blends in with its surroundings. Although finding the chair in a dark room might be a pain, once you sit on it the Affinity Chair will light up from within. Equipped with sensors that activate pulsing LEDs within the chair, the Affinity Chair hides its reflective properties once sat on and illuminates itself with LED lights creating the illusion of the chair's disappearance.

The Affinity Chair's most recent appearance was at the V&A Digital Festival, Saturday March 5th at the Victoria & Albert Museum, London.