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Adobe Announces WYSIWYG HTML5 Design Tool

The company today announced a new WYSIWYG HTML5 authoring tool code-named Muse, which is reminiscent of the first Dreamweaver beta released in 1997. It is not what I would call an extremely comprehensive authoring tool, but it shows the way how basic and mainstream HTML5 authoring software could look like (or how Dreamweaver could be extended). Much like the early version of Dreamweaver, Muse appears to be much more a proof of concept than a finished product.

Targeted at designers, Muse has the look and feel of Adobe's graphic design products and does not scare those without HTML5 programming language away. Each Muse project begins with a new site (there is support for sub pages) and leads the designer through planning, designing, previewing and publishing phases. There are several automated interactive functions such as tabbed boxes, slideshows, or menus. A finished product can be saved as a muse file, published via a Business catalyst account or exported to HTML, which will include all stylesheets and scripts.

Adobe says that Muse is designed to enable designers to create web pages as easily as create InDesign layouts. This first version is intuitive and is easy to use - but there need to be many more features as well as customization options to reflect the breadth of HTML5.

  • JohnnyLucky
    Adobe has a habit of offering products that are not all inclusive in order to generate extra revenue. Since Muse is incomplete I bet Adobe is going to do it again.
  • K-zon
    New this new that, always seems to be in need of something else that is new. But there are nice sites after awhile to say, but still though does find some interest into what is that of new.

    Converting would seem to be an idea at times, but still does seem confusing though for whatever reason, against making something new. But hey, ya know, after awhile will need newer hardware for just internet use. Rather say HTML5 goes that way though is anyones guess to say.
  • @K-zon, I actually feel dumber for having read that..
  • Mathos
    On the other hand if you imagine K-Zon as have the old William Shatner over acting, and random pauses in odd places, it's kind of amusing....
  • rodbowler
    K-zon looks to be an piece of software. The phrasing is typical of really badly written AI that is a serious FAIL on the Turing test.
  • memadmax
    So, how much does this thing cost? $500? $800?
  • MegaMoogle
    memadmaxSo, how much does this thing cost? $500? $800?It's free to try the beta. And it ain't bad.
  • darkchazz
    Reminds me of CryEngine WYSIWYP.
  • rantoc
    So atleast 500$ for an easy editor that puts out "optimized html5" pages that are atleast 100mb thats sais Hello World with a single background color. /end sarcasm
  • illo
    rantocSo atleast 500$ for an easy editor that puts out "optimized html5" pages that are atleast 100mb thats sais Hello World with a single background color. /end sarcasm
    try it first dipshit, its actually rather nice.