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Oh My! Hololens Turns George Takei Into Tiny Hologram

Ever want to chill with Grumpy Cat or recreate Star Trek scenes with George Takei? If you've got a HoloLens, you can make your dreams come true with Actiongram, a new filmmaking app from Microsoft that allows you to make videos that mix reality with wacky holograms, including actors, dinosaurs and even spaceships.

Credit: Microsoft

(Image credit: Microsoft)

Actiongram, released yesterday (Sept. 12 and currently in public beta), comes with themed packs of characters including Nyan Cat, as well as dinosaurs, unicorns, astronauts and rappelling climbers. The aspiring digital directors using the app will also get holograms of trees, spaceships, planets and dogs, so they can create complete scenes.

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Actiongram holograms each have a variety of animations and audio effects, and in a video showing his recording process, Mr. Takei gave us a brief sample of what to expect. The once-and-forever Hikaru Sulu gives users his standard "OH MY!" catchphrase, more than a few moments of manic laughter and even runs around with giant scissors. Which is probably safe as long as he's a hologram.

The $3,000 HoloLens developer edition headset may put this experience out of reach for most, but imagine it, with Grumpy Cat working in the engine room and Nyan Cat attacking from afar and Mr. Takei on the deck, you could finally make the dream of an all-meme reboot of Star Trek a reality. Actiongram even comes with a Meme Text overlay, so you can drop in those fourth-wall-breaking Advice Animals captions.

Takei remarked about how Actiongram and HoloLens tie back to his earlier work, stating "We talked about holograms on Star Trek and to actually be doing that, in reality, today, it was a lot of fun." To see what other directors are already making in Actiongram, check out its video gallery.