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Acer Packs the Athlon64, More Fire Power Under Its Ferrari 3200 Notebook's Hood

DirectX8:UT 2003

To squeeze the last bit of power out of the graphics cards, we performed our test using the maximum detail settings.

In the Antalus Flyby demo test without FSAA, the Dell Inspiron 8600 with Geforce FX Go 5650 came in a nose ahead of the notebooks with mobile chips from Ati. Once again, the Ferrari 3200 was forced to concede defeat to the Blackbox M11/Dell XPS.

When FSAA is activated, the Inspiron 8600 with MR9600 Pro Turbo not only gains ground against the Acer Ferrari 3200. The Acer device was bested, albeit by a small margin. But in this discipline once again, the Dell XPS alias Blackbox M11 can rest on its laurels.

It's another story altogether when the THG demo enters the arena. We created this in the "Inferno" map.