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Mobile Athlon64 And SP2: Anti-virus Protection Included

Like its desktop counterpart, the mobile Athlon64 has an "integrated" anti-virus mechanism, known as Enhanced Virus Protection. This works by using an additional CPU flag to mark individual memory areas precisely as "non-executable," preventing execution of possibly malicious program code (i.e. viruses) and thus protecting the system against infection. In other words, the processor simply will not execute content from memory areas marked as "non-executable." Accordingly, this function is called NX (No Execute). However, the feature must be supported by the applications and operating system in question.

WindowsXP, for example, supports it with Service Pack 2. The user also has to ensure that the Microsoft technology called Data Execution Prevention (DEP) is activated manually.

The option menu for DEP technology. Non-DEP-compatible software may have to be entered in the list.

Nevertheless, caution is advisable since this feature only offers effective protection against viruses that cause a memory buffer overflow, a buffer overflow or a buffer overrun, such as MSBlaster and Slammer. It is powerless against Trojans or various worms. Even a regularly updateable anti-virus scanner is unable to replace this protection fully.