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Acer Packs the Athlon64, More Fire Power Under Its Ferrari 3200 Notebook's Hood


While 95% of notebooks on the market are a nasty uniform gray, Acer takes a new route with its bright red Ferrari 3200.

But the "Taiwanese Ferrari" is certainly not just a good-looker - on the contrary. For around $2000 (€2050) the buyer gets a whole lot for his money with the Acer. Among its highlights, the fast, integrated 54 MBit WLAN module, the Bluetooth adapter and a multi-DVD drive are already included. Then there's the fast graphics subsystem in the shape of the ATI Mobility Radeon 9700, including 128 MB of dedicated video memory.

Although our tests showed the Ferrari 3200 is not the fastest gaming notebook, it certainly represents an excellent compromise between gaming and normal use. Another point about which Acer can be proud is the fact that its mobile Athlon64 notebook is the most sophisticated, best performing, best equipped and most attractive laptop around.

However, it should also be noted that there is some bad - albeit marginal - to go with the good. We would have preferred, for example, that the Acer 3200 had a faster and thus better performing hard drive. In addition, the red paint on the display cover proved susceptible to scratches. Its battery life of 2.5 hours hardly breaks any records either.

But that is a sports car for you: a small tank, high performance and heaps of driving fun, with albeit a low cruising range - especially at full throttle. Acer's desktop Ferrari is no exception here.