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A Very Good Camera Phone From Verizon

The Makings Of A Great Camera Phone

A great camera phone is like a great mobile home: even if it is one of the best, it won't make the cover of Architectural Digest as a home, and it won't be the slickest ride as a vehicle either. It's the versatility that matters, and when it comes to camera phones, getting the talk-click combo just right really matters. With its VX5200, LG Electronics Mobile Communications Company put the right innovations together. In the process, they have created a camera phone that achieves something between satisfaction and enthusiasm - a significant achievement in a market filled with products that often frustrate their users.

LG's new phone makes LG's "Life is Good" motto mean something. In the VX5200, the company has integrated voice recognition when creating a contacts list, with a photo options menu that's just in the right place. This latter feature makes it easy to save a photo, grab a contact and mail the picture - all without typing an e-mail address or even speaking in a new phone number. Individually, these are not revolutionary camera phone features; they just aren't connected in the right way in other handhelds I've seen. In this phone/camera marriage, the whole "clicks" together, to make just the right call.

Another great thing about Verizon's LG VX5200 is that it directly e-mails a bona fide JPG file of a picture. This is so much more user friendly than with Sprint's Samsung MM-A800, which I recently reviewed for MobilityGuru. With that phone, you can e-mail the URL where a picture is placed by the phone and can be found, but not the picture itself. For the record, Verizon does provide a nice web site for storing and viewing VX5200 pictures.

The LG VX5200 manual shows USB and serial cables. These look promising for data transfer, including photos, though there is no description other than "connects your phone to your PC." LG says those cables are for moving contacts between the phone and your desktop computer; they can't be used to transfer photos, e-mail or messages. LG did say that this functionality is available with the company's VX9800.

The phone also shines as, well, a phone. Sound quality is very good. And, Verizon's famous "Can you hear me now?" signal strength and availability just add to the desirability of the LG VX5200.