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A Solid Multimedia Notebook From HP

SYSmark 2004 SE Performance Benchmarks

The SYSmark 2004 SE benchmarks focus solely on performance. Battery life is irrelevant. The tests are designed to be run with the test computer on AC power and with the CPU running at maximum speed. Like MobileMark 2005, SYSmark 2004 SE uses real world applications for its benchmark tests.

The SYSmark 2004 SE tests are divided into two benchmarking scenarios: Office Productivity and Internet Content Creation. Within the Office Productivity scenario there are three test groups: communication (email, calendar and Web browsing), document creation and data analysis. The Internet Content Creation scenario is also divided into three test groups: 3D content, 2D content and Web publication.

As with the MobileMark 2005 overall performance score, all SYSmark 2004 SE scores are based on response time and are scaled against the performance of a modestly powered reference system that received a score of 100 on each of the SYSmark 2004 SE tests. MobileMark 2005 and SYSmark 2004 SE office productivity scores are not comparable.

Here are the SYSmark 2004 SE benchmark result charts for the HP Pavilion and Toshiba Qosmio G25 notebooks as well as averaged test results for the four previously tested Pentium M 1.2 GHz/512 MB laptops.