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A Solid Multimedia Notebook From HP

PCMark05 Benchmarks, Continued

PCMark05 Performance Benchmarks Conclusions

Befitting its higher CPU and memory speeds, except for the hard disk drive test, where Toshiba's Qosmio G25 took top honors, the HP Pavilion DV4000 came out with the highest scores we have measured on the PCMark05 benchmarks. Toshiba's Qosmio G25 consistently came in a close second on the other four tests.

As for the hard disk drive tests, the G25 uses 5400 rpm SATA drives with 16 MB of cache and a 12 ms access time, while the DV4000 employs Parallel ATA drives with the same cache size and access time. The G25's SATA drives clearly made the difference here.

Scores for the four laptops make sense given their slower CPUs and related hardware. Only two of the four have the graphics controllers (in this case Intel's Graphics Media Accelerator 900) and display resolution (at least 1024 x 768) to run the PCMark05 graphics tests. These are Fujitsu's Lifebook B6110D and Toshiba's Portege R200. So, they are the only of the four laptops included in the PCMark05 overall score. The graphics performance of these two is so low that, in line with the policy stated above, I have excluded their results from the PCMark05 graphics test results.