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Zynga Website Redesign Removes Facebook Login Requirement

Once upon a time, playing a Zynga game meant you'd almost certainly have to deal with Facebook in some manner or form.

However, Zynga and Facebook's once snug relationship isn't quite so cozy anymore. Last year, the two companies worked out new terms for their partnership, making it so that Zynga was no longer required to use Facebook's monetization platform and Facebook was allowed to create games to compete with Zynga's. It's obvious who was seeing the better end of that deal.

Zynga's now taking its first few steps in moving away from its Facebook association. Its website is being redesigned so that users won't have to sign into their Facebook profile in order to play a game. "You had to use your Facebook account to play previously, but this is going to change going forward," said Tim Caitlin, Zynga general manager. 

Facebook logins will still be accepted with the redesign, but users that don't want to use Facebook won't have to do so. They'll be allowed to sign up to play via Zynga. While that's not necessarily anything mind blowing or huge—remember, baby steps—it is a big deal for a company that's made most of its money up until now off of the social media platform.

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  • Chairman Ray
    Too late now, I already unfriended everyone who spammed me with Farmville requests
  • xray686166233
    Nice to see a website drop the fakebook requirement we can only hope more follow suite
  • dark_knight33
    If only there were an antibiotic for the virus of the internet that is facebook. It has it's disgusting like button on virtually every website these days, it's like a huge cold-sore on an otherwise attractive woman.
  • xkm1948
    Just die zynga!!!!!
  • p05esto
    die facebook, die!