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Ziiiro Celeste: A Colorful Way to Tell Time

Minimalistic watch manufacturer Ziiiro has unveiled their latest creation, the beautifully crafted Celeste watch. Equally as confusing to read (at first) as the company's other watches, the Celeste features an unconventional way of reading time by eliminating traditional hands or markings. The design features a minimalistic approach with two overlapping colored disks, each with their own color gradient. 

The partial transparency of the disks results in a variety of colorful and visually appealing combinations of hues. Although it would've been nice to have customizable disks, Ziiiro only offers two color combinations: blue and yellow or blue and black. The blue and black combination comes in either a black or gunmetal band while the blue and yellow combination comes in gunmetal or chrome.


Although the watch won't begin shipping until November 18, anxious buyers can pre-order their very own for €149 or ~$204 USD.