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Zelda Fans Create Stunning Majora's Mask HD Trailer

Around the same time Nintendo was making its announcements at E3, a deceptively convincing teaser video appeared on YouTube. This video showed off what looked to be a high-definition remake of the Nintendo 64's The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask. Unfortunately, the video wasn't a teaser trailer but rather the work of two talented artists Pablo Belmonte and Paco Martinez.

According to the two, the teaser was created to test the waters and to hopefully 'inception' the idea into Nintendo's big brain. Apparently they may also be working on a longer video to send in as an official proposal for the company. Although the old Majora's Mask had its fair share of both critics and supporters, we have to admit Link is pulling off that dark Deku look pretty well.

Of course, between this teaser and the official HD Zelda demo from last year's E3, we'd have to say we're rooting for the latter. Either way Nintendo better get cracking and give us some new Zelda footage to drool over!