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Google Easter Egg: Gangnam PSY Droid in the 2012 Zeitgeist

This week, Google released its annual Zeitgeist showing the most popular searches and trending topics for the year 2012. However, the company's page also included a little tribute to the the number two most searched song on the internet. PSY's Gangnam Style.

First spotted by a, the Easter Egg sees a little Android PSY pop up and perform his famous dance anytime a user hovers over the Google logo colors on the bottom right of the Zeitgeist page. No word on why Google picked Gangnam Style specifically. Possibly because the video just became the most watched video on YouTube.

PSY achieved this milestone at the end of November, just four months after his video was posted to YouTube. With 840 million views, PSY is well past the previous record holder, the official video for Justin Bieber's popular 'Baby' track. Justin Bieber's 'Baby' reached the number one spot on YouTube in July 12 2010 and remained the most viewed video on the site until November 24. That means PSY's Gangnam Style hit 806 million views less than a month ago and has already pushed through the 940 million mark.

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