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Zeal Optics' Recon GPS Goggles Are Awesome

Last night we got a chance to check out some of the nominations for the Consumer Electronics Association's Innovation Awards. Though there were some pretty well known products there (like Microsoft's Kinect), we were most impressed by Zeal Optics' Transcend GPS goggles.

Designed for the gadget-addicted winter sports enthusiast, the Transcend GPS goggles use a GPS chip, accelerometer, air-pressure sensor, thermometer and micro LCD to display stats like location, altitude, speed and time. There's also a USB port so you can download the information to your computer and analyze the height of your jumps once you've thawed out.

Our biggest worry about a product like this is that the information being fed to your goggles is going to be a distraction, which, aside from detracting from your overall experience, could also represent a pretty big risk when it comes to avoiding things like other people and trees. However, we found that though the goggles fit a little loose, they were extremely comfortable and the display in the bottom right corner was far from a distraction; it was set low enough that it could be easily ignored.

Price is just a dollar shy of $400, so the Transcends might be a little out of the casual skier's price range. Still, there's no harm sticking them on your Christmas list and hoping Santa is feeling extra generous.

Source: Zeal Optics