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Japan to Build Largest Wind-Powered Tower

Wind power is a clean and virtually unlimited energy source, that's unfortunately limited by its relative inefficiency. To get to just a fraction of a typical coal-burning plant's output, you'd have to reserve acres of land for endless rows of windmills. That's why Japanese company ZENA Systems is coming up with a novel alternative: applying Japan's "build up, not sideways" real estate approach towards converting wind to electricity.

The 164-foot hexagonal tower can collect wind from any angle, using almost its entire surface area. It's also 2.5 times more efficient than traditional wind-harvesting farms. It will even store any generated wattage on-site, using "a vanadium solution diluted with nano water and pure water."All that in a manageable area that won't require land as far as the eye can see.

[source: ZENA Systems via Inhabitat]