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YouTube's E3 Channel Streams Entire Event

Can't physically attend E3 this year? Looking for steaming, week-long coverage? YouTube has teamed up with IGN to provide four days of live broadcasts including the three main press conferences, developer interviews, product demos, and plenty of other gaming goodness over on the E3 Channel.

The site is scheduled to kick off its broadcast at 12:30pm EST / 9:30am PST, and will provide continuous streaming until 10pm EST / 7pm PST. In addition to IGN's main video pipeline, the channel will offer on-site E3 reports from other game-media partners such as Machinima, Xplay, GameSpot, and more.

For those following the event, here's the schedule for the next two days:

9:30AM -- 6:30PM

- 10:30 AM Microsoft Media Briefing
- 2:00 PM EA Media Briefing
- 5:00 PM Ubisoft Media Briefing

8:30AM -- 5:30PM

- 9:00 AM Nintendo Media Briefing
- 12:00 PM Sony Media Briefing
- 1:00 PM TBA (To Be Announced)
- 1:20 PM TBA
- 1:40 PM TBA
- 2:00 PM Microsoft Xbox 360 Demo (TBA)
- 2:20 PM Microsoft Xbox 360 Demo (TBA)
- 2:40 PM Ubisoft Demo (TBA)
- 3:00 PM Crysis 2
- 3:20 PM Ubisoft Demo (TBA)
- 3:40 PM Star Wars: The Force Unleashed 2
- 4:00 PM Madden NFL 11
- 4:20 PM Sony Move - Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11
- 4:40 PM NCAA Football 11
- 5:00 PM EA Sports MMA
- 5:20 PM Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood
- 5:40 PM Halo: Reach

Currently Wednesday and Thursday scheduling has not been announced.

UPDATE: GameSpot is covering the event here.