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Yahoo Renews with Associated Press, No Google

Both Yahoo and the Associated Press announced on Monday that the search engine company has renewed its licensing deal to post articles from the global news service. Content from the Associated Press—articles, images, and videos—will appear on the Yahoo News Site. According to the Wall Street Journal, the agreement could help define a core issue facing news organizations: how to deal with aggregators.

Although the financial deals were not disclosed, the non-profit news source may or may not have gained additional funds from its new relationship with Yahoo. Research firm Outsell said that AP was asking websites for more money, however aggregators have argued that news content is currently less valuable now that advertising revenue is down. The firm also added that there's been a lot of debate about "different pricing on different devices, or different content niches."

"There’s not a whole lot we can say, given the confidentiality of the agreement,” said Carrie Davis, a spokeswoman for Yahoo, in a statement to the New York Times in regards to the new deal.

Currently there's no indication that Google or Microsoft will renew their licensing deals with AP. Computerworld reports that negotiations have either stalled, or have not progressed according to schedule. Unlike Yahoo, Google stopped hosting AP stories in January--articles dated after December 23, 2009 no longer appear in its search engine.

But as The New York Times points out, Yahoo's news site attracts more traffic than Google News. Google, on the other hand, is much more popular with its search engine.