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Xbox One Day One Edition Unboxed Ahead of Release

Microsoft gave us our first glimpse of the Xbox One back in May, and showed the device off again in more detail at E3. However, we won't actually see the console in stores until sometime in November. Microsoft hasn't offered a precise release date, but the company plans for the next generation of Xbox to hit the shops before the holidays. Until then, Redmond needs to keep people interested and talking about the console. This week, we've been treated to a glimpse of the Xbox One in all its retail packaged glory.

Microsoft's Larry Hryb, also known as Major Nelson, stars in an unboxing video that was posted by Microsoft this morning. The video shows off all of the different components users can expect when purchasing an Xbox One. The unit in question is actually the limited edition Xbox One Day One console, which comes with special Day One packaging, a specially branded DAY ONE 2013 controller with chrome D-pad, and a Day One digital achievement. This commemorative bundle is for those that reserve their units ahead of time and is mostly sold out at this point.

Microsoft has also changed its mind about the chat headset, which will now be included with all Xbox One units. The company is also now including the chat headset, which it previously said customers would have to buy separately. Inside the box you'll find the console, a 4K HDMI cable, power supply, Xbox One controller, the Kinect sensor, and, of course, the headset. If you've purchased the Xbox One Play & Charge Kit, the batteries will recharge via the micro USB cable (generic rechargables won't, unfortunately).