Xbox Smartglass Released on iOS

To coincide with Halo 4's launch on Xbox 360, Microsoft released Xbox Smartglass, endowing Xbox functionalities to iPhones and iPads.

The new Smartglass app significantly improves upon the previous Xbox Live app that Microsoft had on the app store. The entire Xbox dashboard interface has been ported onto the mobile platform, turning an iPhone or iPad into a lazy Xbox user's dream. Media streamed on the mobile device via Smartglass can be picked right up on the console and vice versa.

Smartglass also provides an interface for users to edit their Live profile, customize their avatar, and chat with friends.

Connecting Smartglass to the console is an easy feat. A user simply needs to be near their Xbox, logged into the same account on both devices, and choose the 'Connect to Xbox' option provided on the iDevice.

Smartglass, finally available on iOS, was already previously made available on Android and Windows devices just two weeks ago. You can grab the install of Smartglass free on the App Store here.


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  • arnoldlouie
    Microsoft is making a lot of ios apps... I guess they're trying to get apple fans attention and showing them metro.. Just add an apple logo at the back of the surface tablet and name it iFace or iSurf that will help them with sales...
  • krowbar
  • velosteraptor
    Its a great little APP, and its great that microsoft made an IOS app of smartglass. If the two companies were reversed and there was an Apple console, Apple sure wouldnt make any WP or android apps for it.