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Bungie Sad Over Original XBL Closure

For console gamers, it's the end of an era. The launch of the original Xbox console and its online network changed the face of console gaming. Bungie's Halo played a significant part of the evolution, proving that FPS titles can indeed be played on consoles without the need for a mouse and keyboard. The sequel, Halo 2, brought that gaming experience online, allowing fans to play head to head across the nation.

With that said, the developer is now saddened by last week's news that Microsoft is discontinuing support for the original console an its games on Xbox LIVE. As we originally reported, the service will be discontinued as of April 15. Bungie said that gamers have ten weeks left to play Halo 2 online before Microsoft pulls the plug.

"We're all saddened at the realization that an era is coming to an end but looking back, we're incredibly fortunate to have had such a great run and such strong support from our fans," the company said. "Halo 2 has been at or near the top of the Xbox LIVE charts for original games since it launched over five years ago. We're extremely thankful to everyone who has played, enjoyed and supported Halo 2 over Xbox LIVE. We've had some great fun together, including far too many humpday losses to even recount."

Bungie also added that an online bash has been scheduled for April 14. "One final farewell and one final opportunity for all of you to kick our a$$es at Halo 2," the company said. More details will be released soon on Bungie's website.