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New Xbox Boasts 250GB HDD, Wireless and More

Over the weekend, an advertisement on an Italian website gave away what probably would have been one of the biggest surprises of E3. Showing a very oddly shaped Xbox that's nothing like what we've seen before, the ad revealed Microsoft's plans right before the company kicked off E3 with a giant Cirque du Soleil party in LA.

The embedded advertisement reveals a 250GB HDD; Kinect, aka Natal, compatibility (duh); and built in WiFi, which is something Xbox 360 users have been crying for for a very long time. You'll also notice that given the size and positioning of the disc drive, it's unlikely this Xbox will be marketed with the 'Slim' moniker; sizewise, it really doesn't look that much different to the current-gen console.

That's all we know for now but considering E3 is upon us, don't expect to wait long for more details on this new device. Check out the full ad here.