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New Xbox Boasts 250GB HDD, Wireless and More

Over the weekend, an advertisement on an Italian website gave away what probably would have been one of the biggest surprises of E3. Showing a very oddly shaped Xbox that's nothing like what we've seen before, the ad revealed Microsoft's plans right before the company kicked off E3 with a giant Cirque du Soleil party in LA.

The embedded advertisement reveals a 250GB HDD; Kinect, aka Natal, compatibility (duh); and built in WiFi, which is something Xbox 360 users have been crying for for a very long time. You'll also notice that given the size and positioning of the disc drive, it's unlikely this Xbox will be marketed with the 'Slim' moniker; sizewise, it really doesn't look that much different to the current-gen console.

That's all we know for now but considering E3 is upon us, don't expect to wait long for more details on this new device. Check out the full ad here.

  • joebob2000
    Wow, having your thunder stolen by an ad on an Italian web site. Who else thinks Steve Ballmer is furious enough to throw a chair across the Atlantic?
  • sliem
    How about a total revamp of the insides (cpu/graphic) and support of regular hard drives (maybe hot swappable).

    Built in wifi is good - darn shame they are this late.
  • tramit
    disappointed, was really hoping for a slim to carry around.
  • awood28211
    I guess the "big" part will be determined by what's inside, not outside. If nothing changes, then it won't be so big.
  • halls
    joebob2000...Who else thinks Steve Ballmer is furious enough to throw a chair across the Atlantic?Hah, absolutely.

    Too bad the WiFi is just now being integrated into the box.
  • gm0n3y
    Meh, that really isn't a big announcement at all. Doesn't everyone that wants an xbox already own one? Although I guess there's always the RROD people that need to buy a new one (I know I did).
  • azconnie
    I just hpe they fixed that coolong problem. I had to RMA mine 3 times, and subsiquently abandoned it for the PC.
  • gerohmygosh
    I wonder if you could actually have it standing this time without scratching your discs...
  • jaysbob
    does it come with linguine support?
  • Vampyrbyte
    Just like with the PS3 slim, the actual hardware will change very little as it will have to support all current xbox360's software and new xbox360 software will still have to support the older hardware. At best its just some more effiencent cooling and Wi-Fi on the inside.