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XM25 Rifle Aimbots its way Past Cover

Many an FPS match has been ruined by game-breaking hacks. We're not talking about exploits like rocket jumping. We mean cheats that let you see through walls, move through solid objects and of course, have your bullets head straight and true for the other guy's skull no matter the circumstances.

Strangely enough, while basement-dwelling action junkies cry foul, real rough-and-tumble soldiers can't wait to get their hands on hardware that can do just that. They won't have to wait any longer, too. The US Army will soon be deploying a special rifle to the troops in Afghanistan, the XM25.

At first glance, the XM25 looks like a modern-day blood brother to the futuristic pulse rifles from the Aliens movie. In many respects, it is. This gun has smart rounds that can hit targets from behind cover, just like those cheating bastards at your last game of Call of Duty 4.

Ok, so it doesn't really work like an aimbot. The XM25 is actually a high-tech grenade launcher. The gun figures out the distance to a target via a laser rangefinder. A button press then tells the radio-controlled explosive ammunition to detonate exactly one meter beyond cover, cooking those camping terrorists in splash damage.

Douglas Tamillo, the Army's project manager for new weapons, claims that the XM25 is a cheaper alternative to other guided munitions like Javelins. Each airburst explosive round costs only $24, as opposed to the thousands for a lone Javelin missile. That's more dead terrorist bang for our taxpayer buck.

This weapon will certainly be a game changer, just like its developers claim. Plus, since this is real life, US soldiers won't have to worry about getting kick-banned for using this terrifying weapon of moderate destruction. After all, you only have one life in the real world!

[source: The Daily Mail (UK)]