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Crazy XKCD Holistic Browser Takes You Random Places

With Chatroulette, users can pull up virtually anything on the other side of the video connection after a simple click, whether it's someone's dog dressed in a tutu, someone looking for a friend, two guys hanging out on a couch picking their nose, or something too offensive to describe here (dood, that's no rubber python!). Xkcd's Holistic Browser works the same way, just without the scary video feed.

"Type a web address and you'll be taken to one typed by someone else," reads the heading. There's a field for entering your desired web address, a "go" button, and a warning that states the Holistic Browser allows strangers to direct your actual browser.

"They may send you to pages containing porn, viruses, or Justin Bieber fanfiction," reads the warning. "At the very least, turn on private browsing."

Sounds like fun, no? After typing in the Tom's Hardware address and hitting go, the first thing it pulled up was porn... a hub's worth of porn, we might add. LOTS of it. The second address led to a personal site on that did nothing but loop a song a sport a large Pi signal. The third site was a web comic called "Questionable Content" written by J.Jacques, the fourth site was IMDb and the fifth was Other URL punches led to blogs, virtual shops, fansites and more.

Again, these sites resulted in entering Tom's Hardware's own address each time (although the resulting page prints a small link to your original destination). That means our site is in the Holistic Browser loop along with whatever everyone else is throwing into the address bar. It's both interesting and quite spooky -- the latter because, like Chatroulette, you have no idea what you'll see. It's part of the gamble, and there's probably something far worse than porn just waiting to singe our eyeballs in their sockets.

That's the magic of it all.