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World's Fastest Electric Plane Reaches 200 MPH

Chip Yates, record holder for the world's fastest electric motorcycle, has taken to the skies with his latest project, the all-electric Long-ESA Aircraft. Topping out at a staggering 202.6 MPH, Yates performed a test flight at Inyokern Airport breaking the world record for the fastest all-electric plane. 

Aside from breaking world records, the Long-ESA plane was purchased and converted into an all-electric aircraft to test the possibilities of developing long range electric flight technology. Called Flight of the Century, Yate's team hopes to create an aircraft capable of making the 3,600 mile trip from New York to Paris.

Hoping to accomplish this goal by 2014, the team intends to create a series of flying UAV battery pods that will be able to dock with the aircraft and recharge it mid-flight. In addition, the team also hopes to push the envelop with speeds of up to 250 MPH, and even higher altitudes. For more information on the project, head on over to the Flight of the Century page here.