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WoW Themed Restaurant Opens in China

The popular Activision Blizzard MMORPG is a huge success in China since its launch there in 2006 and the Chinese have fully embraced the culture of the game. The Chinese restaurant owner is himself a fan of the game and said he created the dinner “in the hope that people who share his enthusiasm for The World of Warcraft would find a comfortable gathering place.”

The restaurant’s décor is filled with characters and images from World of Warcraft, including a recreation of the Dark Portal for the main entrance. The main dinning hall is named the “Hall of Snow Storms” and serves up dishes named after creatures found in the game’s virtual world. There are computer terminals in adjacent areas that provide patrons the option to enjoy some gaming time after their meal.

This restaurant is obviously not officially licensed by Activision Blizzard and it would be interesting to see if the owner faces any legal action in the near future. The World of Warcraft payment system in China is much different than in North America or in Europe. Players purchase time cards based on minutes of play instead of a subscription based model. It has been speculated that of the 11 million subscribers the game has since October, almost half are from China. See here for a comparative study into the culture of World of Warcraft players in China and the U.S.