MS: Free Windows Phones for Disgruntled Android Users

Are you a disgruntled Android device owner who is just sick and tired of all that malware plaguing Google's OS? Microsoft wants to hear all about it. In fact, the company may even give you a free Windows Phone 7 device after hearing your #droidrage.

According to Graham Cluley of security firm Sophos, Windows Phone "evangelist" Ben Rudolph is the mastermind behind Microsoft's latest scheme to get consumers interested in Windows Phone 7. As Cluley points out, the Redmond company is hitting below the belt, seemingly promoting Android's lack of proper malware protection rather than the benefits of Windows Phone 7.

The scheme was started by Rudolph on Twitter, using the #droidrage hashtag while linking to articles regarding Android malware. Rudolph claims that he will provide a Windows Phone "upgrade" to the "5 best/worst" Android malware encounters. "Been nailed with Android malware and have #Droidrage? Share you story with might win an upgrade to a #windowsphone!" he promises in a Tweet.

One reply tells of an Android device owner whose personal information was compromised twice. Another complains about the overall instability of Android, covering fragmentation, constant restarts, poor battery life and more. Others have even complained about Microsoft's rather transparent marketing ploy, turning their nose up at the offer.

"A big THANK YOU to everyone who shared a #droidrage story," Rudolph said on Twitter. "Yes, I read every single one. But only have 5 phones to give away!"

To vent your aggravation over Android, leave him a message after the Tweet, and perhaps he'll get back to you with a sparkly new Windows Phone device.

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  • pythy
    Does the offer apply for disgrunted iOS users?
  • shoda
    I'm with pythy, what about us iOS users?!
  • laxduck26
    I think it's quite a smart marketing move. I know many people who go straight to the iPhone when they get sick of putting up with Android because they think the iPhone is the only other option. This is a way for them to capture some of those people looking to move away from Android.
  • Other Comments
  • pythy
    Does the offer apply for disgrunted iOS users?
  • shoda
    I'm with pythy, what about us iOS users?!
  • Yuka
    Hope this doesn't turn against them... It's very arrogant to do this kind of publicity/stunt.

    Oh well, let's see how this turns out.