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Microsoft Launches 'Smoked by Windows Phone' Campaign

If you can cast your mind back as far as CES in January, you might remember Microsoft's little Windows Phone marketing stunt that saw the company challenge smartphone owners to a little cell phone quick draw. The idea was to race two phones, one Windows Phone and the other not, and see which of them could perform a specific task the fastest. Microsoft was offering $100 to anyone who could beat a Windows Phone. The losers? They had to go on camera and admit that their phone "got smoked by a Windows Phone."

We imagine it might have been a little embarrassing to be publicly beaten and then have to go on record stating your phone was beating by another device. However, Microsoft has just upped the ante and turned the 'Smoked by Windows Phone' idea into an ad campaign. In fact, Microsoft says the decision to make a 'Smoked' ad campaign was due to popular demand.

"Last month, we kicked off 'Smoked by Windows Phone' at CES as a fun way of showing the world why Windows Phone is simply faster at the real stuff that real people do on their smartphones every day," writes Microsoft's Ben Rudolph.

"Since the show, where we won 88% of our challenges (95%, including the wins from our tour of California) against the best smartphones in the business, we’ve seen a huge swell of support for "Smoked"; the videos of the challenges have been viewed over 500,000 times on YouTube; and the #1 request on the our suggestions page is to make an ad campaign featuring the challenges."

Microsoft is running 15-30 second clips of Windows Phone taking on the competition on numerous sites across the web, including CNET,, and Check out the preview of "Smoked by Windows Phone" below.