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Windows Phone 7 is Xbox Live Arcade Ready

Consumers looking forward to the new Windows Phone 7 will be in for a treat when it finally hits the market. According to Oded Ran, head of Consumer Marketing for Windows Phone, all games loaded on Xbox Live Arcade may be playable on the mobile OS. That's over 300 titles including Doom, Duke Nukem 3D, Marathon, Portal: Still Alive, Serious Sam HD, and more.

"Just four lines of code changed an Xbox Live Arcade game to a Windows Phone 7 game in a recent publisher test," Ran said during a roundtable briefing in London. Does that seem likely given that these games are configured to work with an Xbox 360 controller? Will games only need four lines of additional code in order to work on a smartphone?

According to Ran, Microsoft is currently working with publishers and developers to port the Arcade games over to the mobile platform. But there was also no indication that the games would be available at launch, or if Microsoft planned to release only specific titles--we imagine certain game availability would (obviously) depend on the smartphone's hardware.

At one time there were rumors that Microsoft was working on a handheld Xbox system. Is it possible the rumors could have been pointing at Windows Phone 7, and its ability to play games off Xbox Live Arcade, the whole time?