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VIDEO: Windows Phone 7 Ad Promises Revolution

We've seen all kinds of commercials for the iPhone and various different DROID handsets over the years, and now its time for Microsoft to dip its toes in the river and test the waters. The company yesterday released the first of what we expected to be many commercials for Windows Phone 7.

This commercial is dramatic, but there's a lot less going on compared to other phone commercials that we've seen over the last year or so. Microsoft promises us a revolution with Windows Phone 7, but nothing else is said, and the only other text is the address for the Windows Phone 7 website.

Let's hope the ads get a bit more creative before the first wave of Windows Phone 7 devices hits next month. Microsoft is said to be sinking hundreds of millions of dollars into marketing its new operating system so perhaps it is planning something special.

Check out the ad and let us know what you think!

  • chickenhoagie
    But will it change everything? Again?
    ehhh no..thats not until they release the windows 7GS
  • Apparently, the revolution is BOXES. And anybody who doesn't like it will be dodging CHAIRS.
  • revolution as is the old king is dead (windows mobile OS), long live the king (android)?
  • Parsian
    their menu isnt appealing...
  • sacre
    Looks interesting, but showing a floating phone in the middle of a desert with 1 screen displayed on it doesn't do much for me. Unless that is a real video where the phone IS flying through a desert, then hey, I want one.
  • matt87_50
    meh, people will get over the interface in about 5 seconds.

    then its just an iphone for xbox fanboys.

    I'll keep slogging away with Android. it's got problems, but atleast it will be awesome when they finally iron them all out.
  • Morgan3rd
    As a PC gamer, the games are pretty low on the list for things I'm interested in. The interface looks fantastic in action in any video I've seen. Pretty much every bit of WP7 looks polished or "to be added"...
  • fjjb
    it will cause a change just when it releases windows mobile 7 service pack 3?
  • cribix
    Microsoft? revolutionize? your joking right?
  • Gin Fushicho
    So... will I be able to run things on it that I could run on a desktop? Within reason of course.