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Here Comes Windows Phone 7

They're Here....

Microsoft's Windows Phone 7, or WP7, arrives in the U.S. on November 8th, and Steve Ballmer and Co. certainly have the hardware to back up the latest (and, according to the company, greatest) smartphone operating system.

We've known about Windows Phone 7 for quite a while now, but the hardware wasn't unveiled until a recent press conference. The OS will launch on ten phones worldwide, with six of those available in the U.S. AT&T seems to be the launch carrier of choice, but T-Mobile is also getting in on the fun. Sprint and Verizon won't see any WP7 love until the first half of 2011, but one phone is already confirmed for Sprint.

The OS will launch with four hardware manufacturers on board, including HTC, Dell, Samsung and LG. None of these manufacturers are WP7-exclusive, however, as all four are either making Android-based phones already or are planning on it in the future.

Much like we're doing with tablet PCs, Tom's Guide will be covering Windows Phone 7 and its hardware like bee's on a hive. Here we are going to examine the new WP7 handsets, according to manufacturer, to see how the feature sets compare. We will also give you a look at the handset bound for overseas, and see how similar or dissimilar it is to its American brethren.

  • WM7 looks horrible, this is not yet finished product, MS brings iPhone parody, the good from wm6.5 is lost and the bad from iPhone is here - I think wm7 will not last long, maybe there will be newer version soon (simmilar to vista -> win7) or better: ms will leave this segment.
  • L0tus
    I'm mostly looking forward to the connectivity with my current windows platform. It can be such a pain to get other types of phones to talk to my PC.

    As for the spammers...can you not just ban the IP addresses, send them viruses or something. These f***ing w*nkers are seriously degrading my online experience at Toms.
  • back_by_demand
    The Mozart or Trophy are looking most likely for me
    Neither skimp on the hardware, but aren't too large to handle easily
  • d_kuhn
    Wow I don't think I've ever seen a site infested so quickly... apparently spammers have sorted out your registration process.
  • darkwingz24
    The Samsung Omnia and LG Optimus look better than their US counterparts. Maybe it's just me but I don't like the excessive roundness and prefer the more rectangular look. It (the rounded design) makes the phone look bulky since visually there's more 'dead' space around the screen. I'm really looking forward to more choices and as L0tus said more integration and connectivity to my Windows PC.
  • I love the HD2, does everything I need and some, there are tons of apps and utilities to really make it a useful and very nice,I can't wait to get my hands on the HD7. People need to get rid of their bashing and wait and see, that fanboy mentality gets old, WP7 is looking good but I won't know for sure until I get it in my hands on it.
  • IM0001
    Cannot wait for the HTC 7 Pro. Looks like HTC is bringing fantastic TP2 design to WP7 and I love that. The HD7 and HTC Surround also look pretty fantastic but I am not leaving Sprint for one of those.

    The one thing you can tell is all the device partners have solid yet similar hardware sine they all want to have a step above the minimum requirements, but does not want to throw out a killer phone just yet. More than likely early or mid 2011 we will start seeing some awesome killer phones with duel core cpu's and more memory, better cameras, etc. For now they all look solid and again, I cannot wait to get my hands on a Pro.
  • Can't wait for these, hopefully some will make their way to canada soon!
  • According to this link by MS the Samsung Focus actually had 512MB of Ram.
  • The Dell Venue Pro review says its going to AT&T, but the comparison chart and every other site says it's going to T-Mobile.