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Microsoft Kissing Windows Mobile 6 Goodbye

Ever since Windows Phone 7 devices hit the shelves, Windows Mobile 6 has been pushed aside in favor of its more modern successor. It’s no secret that Microsoft’s main focus is WP7, and the company has confirmed will take another step away from Windows Mobile this summer.

Microsoft has set the end-of-support date for Windows Mobile 6.x. According to WinRumors, the company told Windows Marketplace for Mobile developers that it will no longer accept new Windows Mobile 6.x applications or application updates from July 15 onwards.

  • App Submission and Management. On July 15, 2011, we will no longer be accepting new Windows Mobile 6.x applications or application updates. In addition, it will no longer be possible to modify prices, metadata, or other information. However, you will still be able to remove your apps by contacting support.
  • App Distribution. Even though app submission will stop on July 15, users will still be able to purchase and download your Windows Mobile 6.x applications through the Windows Marketplace for Mobile.
  • App Reporting. Sales and download reports will continue to be available for your Windows Mobile 6.x applications through the App Hub after July 15.
  • Developer Payouts. Developer payouts will continue to be processed in accordance with the provisions of the Windows Phone Marketplace Application Provider Agreement.

However, it seems things have been slowing down for quite a while. WinRumors spoke to one developer who says there are a number of outstanding bugs in Microsoft’s developer system for Windows Mobile 6.x app creators that have been apparent for months and it doesn't look like they'll be fixed anytime soon.

"There are many many bugs, none of which seem to be getting fixed," Anthony Wieser of Wieser Software LTD told WinRumors, later adding that his efforts to have bugs affecting his own apps fixed have been going on for months. Back in April, he even emailed Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer. Ballmer responded that the company would 'get on it' but Wieser just recently received an email saying the bugs won't be fixed at all because Windows Mobile is being phased out.

Are you a Windows Mobile user? Will you be moving to Windows Phone 7 once Windows Mobile is completely phased out, or are you going to move to another platform entirely? Let us know in the comments below!