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This Phone Actually Runs Windows 7 Home Prem.

It's the world's smallest PC that fits into the palm of your hand, and it runs Windows 7. Not Windows Phone 7, but the actual 32-bit Japanese version of Windows 7 Home Premium (with SP1).... at least, that's what Fujitsu claims.

Thursday the company announced that its new F-07C mobile phone is slated to land in Japan from NTT DOCOMO beginning July 23, 2011. According to the company, the device comes equipped with basic PC functionality: an Intel Atom processor, the Windows 7 OS, a two-year Microsoft Office Personal 2010 license, and the latest version of Internet Explorer 9. On a smartphone. Users simply switch from mobile mode to Windows 7 mode with the touch of a button.

The actual specs claim the device sports a 4-inch SVGA touchscreen (1024 x 600), a 5.1MP camera, a 1.2 GHz Intel Atom Z600 CPU, 1 GB of LPDDR400 memory, a 32 GB SSD and IEEE802.11b/g/n connectivity with speeds up to 65 Mbps. There's also a USB port for connecting a keyboard or mouse, and an HDMI output jack for connecting to an HDTV. There's even a slide-out QWERTY keyboard for typing on-the-go.

"By combining both PC and mobile phone functionality, F-07C opens the door to a range of new uses," the company said Thursday. "With support for Osaifu-Keitai, i-mode mail, i-concier, and other services from Docomo, as well as security features like Omakase Lock, the new mobile phone allows owners to take advantage of features that they are accustomed to using."

Fujitsu did not provide pricing or availability for territories outside Japan, but we've sent an inquiry to find out, so stay tuned.

UPDATE: We have an answer, and it's not good news. "Thank you for your inquiry," a representative replied in an email. "To answer your question, Fujitsu currently has no plans to market the Windows 7-based F-07C in the United States."


  • chickenhoagie
    now THATS a phone i'm interested in:)
  • NapoleonDK
    I'm genuinely curious how well it would run. Seriously. Has anyone found a video yet?
  • wintermint
    Where's the mention of battery life :( I don't want this to die on me while I use it/when I need it
  • rad666
    But will it play Crysis?

    Someone had to post it...
  • jimmysmitty
    That makes Atom more interesting. Now I want to see what a 22nm based Atom will do with 3D tri gates.
  • It'll be slow, right? Atom processor and 1 GB of RAM, not exactly the right hardware to run Windows 7.
  • K-zon
    For the OS requirements, could you choice to install of different OS?

    Windows 7 phone im sure is fairly interest to have on say a smart phone of course. but fairly expensive OS system for a phone i would think.
  • 11796pcs
    If I was to install an OS on a phone I would try a flavor a version of Linux. It would be fast, cheap and I could manipulate the hell out of it.
    rad666But will it play Crysis? Someone had to post it...First of all, the new de facto standard is Crysis 2 now with DX11 and the High-Resolution Texture Pack. Second of all, Windows Vista can't even run on 1 GB of RAM much less Crysis.
  • mortsmi7
    11796pcs Second of all, Windows Vista can't even run on 1 GB of RAM much less Crysis.What exactly does this have to do with Vista?
  • brandonjclark
    Everything smart about me says "no", yet everything else tells me "go". ~bjc