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New Wind Turbine Generates Clean Water and Energy

Although the concept of obtaining clean water out of thin air is nothing new, most designs aren't efficient enough for a larger, commercial scale use. Hoping to remedy this shortcoming, Eolewater founder Marc Parent has designed an innovative wind turbine that can extract hundreds of gallons of clean, fresh water on a daily basis.

After several years of prototypes and revisions, Parent's turbine was finally put to the test in October of last year. Set up in the dry desert air of Abu Dhabi, his wind turbine was able to reliably gather 130-200 gallons of fresh water every day. While many of us are lucky enough to be blessed with an abundance of clean drinking water, many underdeveloped countries aren't so lucky.

Eolewater hopes to set up similar turbine units around the world, especially in isolated areas that lack the infrastructure for clean water and energy distribution. Although the company's most recent turbine was tested in the desert, Parent says the turbine units are self-contained, making them suitable for a variety of different environments.

Dubbed the WMS1000 water condenser system, Eolewater's fifth generation wind turbine works by using wind to generate electricity. The generated electricity is used to power on-board cooling units which chill the air in the atmosphere to a point that moisture condensates. At that point, the water is collected, filtered and stored in stainless steel tanks.