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Nintendo Confirms Wii U Still Shipping Holiday 2012

Nintendo held the second of its E3 press events Tuesday afternoon, having revealed a few juicy details about the Wii U at a pre-E3 event on Sunday night. Today, the company reiterated plans to ship the console in time for the busy shopping season that is holiday 2012.

Announced at E3 2011 last June, Nintendo has yet to provide a release date or price for the Wii U. However, the company said earlier this year that the console would be ready in time for the holiday season. Today, the Japanese gaming giant confirmed that things are still on track for a release that will allow you to replace 'two front teeth' with 'Wii U' should you feel the need. Sadly, there's still no word on pricing or anything more specific on a release date. 

The Wii U is the follow on to Nintendo's hugely successful Wii console. It boasts a unique tablet-style controller with a touchscreen that allows players to view maps, inventories, or other companion content while they play their game on the big screen. Nintendo revealed on Sunday that the Wii U controller can also be used as a TV remote, even when the main console is off. There'll also be another more traditional controller called the Wii U Pro controller, which resembles an Xbox 360 controller.

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