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Report: Baby Monitors Slow Down WiFi Signals

TechRadar UK says that a report commissioned by Ofcom has found that WiFi signals in the home can be slowed down by certain devices like baby monitors. Naturally, these rumors have stirred up quite a fuss. However, don’t panic yet. It’s not as dire a situation as it seems and no, you don’t have to choose between monitoring your baby’s mewing and zippy net speeds.

Yes, baby monitors do have an effect but so do a whole ream of other gadgets that make for less appealing news. TechRadar quotes the report as saying, "Our research suggests that this is not the case, rather the affected parties are almost certainly seeing interference from non-Wi-Fi devices such as microwave ovens, Audio Video senders, security cameras or baby monitors."

So really, if you’re that desperate for faster internet, you can try ditching your microwave, AV sender, security camera and pretty much everything else running on a frequency of 2.4 GHz.