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Wicked Lasers' Lasersaber Turns Your Lasers Into Lightsabers

It pretty much goes without saying that most of us have dreamed of one day owning a real lightsaber. While there have been an abundance of great toys out there, nothing has come too close to the real thing. But there may be hope for us yet, since Wicked Lasers has come pretty darn close with their latest invention.

Dubbed the LaserSaber, Wicked Laser's $100 device is designed to attach itself to one of the company's Spyder III lasers such as the green colored Krypton or the blue colored Arctic. The 32 inch blade attachment is created from a durable polycarbonate material that won't exactly slice through flesh, but can certainly take a decent beating. The hilt component is created from an aircraft-grade aluminum that attaches directly to the top of the S3 laser handles.

Although the LaserSaber doesn't come with cool lightsaber sound effects, turning the laser on results in a special "magnetic gravity" effect that powers the saber on and off like a real lightsaber would. The LaserSaber can be purchased in a bundle with a 1W Spyder III Arctic laser for $389.90, a 250mW Spyder III Krypton for $479.90 or a 750mW Spyder III Krypton for a whopping $1069.90.

Maybe now Dr. Evil will be able to get his hands on a Shark with lightsaber?


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