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Wearable Coaching System Teaches You How to Pitch

Although there are plenty of tech gadgets for the personal training of running and cycling, there are very few gadget-oriented systems for other physical activities and sports. Hoping to change this and inspire other designers to come up with alternative training systems, interactive product designer Sebastiaan Pijnappel has created an experimental suit that hopes to measure pitching ability while providing audio feedback.

The device is still in its prototype stages but a small study revealed that three out of four test subjects were able to improve their pitching ability with the use of the device. The system works by measuring the timing of specific points in a pitcher's movement and providing auditory feedback depending on the effectiveness of the movement.

There is still a lot of work to be done with this particular project, but further research and development could provide coaches and trainers with a very useful tool to train their athletes. Of course from the athletes perspective, it could become quite an annoyance to hear the same sounds over and over again, but that probably isn't much different from being drilled by a coach over and over.