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The Wristwatch for the James Bond Wannabe

For consumers who like to spend big bucks on gadgets and watches, STORM's Navigator may be a wish come true. But for consumers who thrive on the simpler things in life--such as flowers, bunny rabbits, or a smoking hot gaming rig--this futuristic watch may not be the thing for you. Buy hey, the Navigator displays both digital and analog time on its face, so that could be the deciding factor against a new fuzzy footstool.

Made of bold stainless steel and brass, the Navigator features four circular faces: one presenting the digital time (and date) on a crystal display, one presenting analog time, one that measures the current temperature, and one that serves as an analog compass; the latter may be handy if you're lost in the desert or out in the wilderness. A beefy metal band completes the overall package.

STORM is offering its Navigator watch with blue and silver watch faces, and retails around $209 USD (£129.99). This may be an item you'll need to order online directly from STORM, as the company is based in London, England.