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This Watch Lets You Make Cardless MasterCard Payments

In the past year, NFC/RFID technology advancements have allowed shoppers to make quick and easy payments using programs such as MasterCard's PayPass and Visa's PayWire. Without ever having to remove a credit card from your wallet or purse, RFID technology allows you to make a credit card payment by simply placing your enabled device next to a sensor.

Although typical NFC devices come in the form of modern smartphones equipped with applications such as Google Wallet, watch manufacturer LAKS has partnered up with MasterCard to create another method for easy payments using RFID technology. Dubbed Watch2Pay, the device is a wristwatch equipped with a SIM card that can be linked directly to your MasterCard PayPass account.

With the Watch2Pay watch, you'll be able to make quick payments by simply placing the watch next to a compatible MasterCard PayPass scanner. Since there won't be PayPass scanner everywhere you go, the device also comes with a traditional prepaid card to use. The watch comes in a wide variety of colors and can be purchased for the price of 99 Euros here.