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Wryst Variance Concept Offers New Ways to Tell Time

There never seems to be a shortage of great watch designs over at Yanko Design, and the brand new Wryst Variance is certainly no exception. Designer Ben Pritz has definitely out done himself with this simple yet innovative design. The Wryst Variance concept features a removable face that can be attached to a wide variety of different accessories.

The idea reminds us of some of the creative iPod Nano watch designs floating around, but the freedom to attach the face to multiple different accessories is a definite plus. Although the concept only includes the carabiner, clip, necklace or wristband, the concept pretty much allows you to wear your watch wherever you want to.

The Wryst Variance comes in a spectrum of seven different colors but surprisingly enough a white or black version isn't included in the design. For more information on the design or to see more of Pritz' work, head on over to his Coroloft page here.