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Walmart Shopper Smashes 29 TVs With a Bat

The Huffington Post reports that 23-year-old Westley Strellis entered Walmart, picked up an aluminum baseball bat from the sporting goods section and proceeded to the TV aisle where he systematically and ceremoniously smashed nearly 30 televisions while other shoppers crowded around and stared in shock.

In total, Strellis did over $22,000 worth of damage. When approached by police, Mr. Strellis offered his wrists, motioning for them to handcuff him. Bizarrely, Strellis is pleading the fifth, so nobody knows why he did it. HuffPo reports that the police found a bottle of anti-depressents on Strellis' person.

Check out the security camera footage below (via the AP).

  • dameon51
    maybe the tv's were showing ipad commercials
  • thepetey
    dameon51maybe the tv's were showing ipad commercials
    LOL +1!
  • Supertrek32
  • HalJordan
    I wonder what was going through those customer's heads. "Should we do something?" I wonder if I saw this going down if I would step in to stop the guy. Not my T.V.'s, Wal-Mart is insured, and I don't fancy a bat to the head for any reason. I suppose as long as the guy didn't start chasing anyone around with it I would just watch the show until the police arrived.
  • mrmotion
    One man fighting back against the evil empire! Job well done sir!
  • gamerjames
    Only in Wal-Mart.

  • sliem
    "found a bottle of anti-depressents on Strellis' person."
    What? pocket?
  • mayne92
    sliem"found a bottle of anti-depressents on Strellis' person."What? pocket?You the f'n grammar police?...use common sense
  • sot010174
    Im shocked. No security whatsoever.
  • joebob2000
    sot010174Im shocked. No security whatsoever.Wal-mart knows that securing the premises is too expensive to be worth the losses they incur during events like these. They admittedly won't bother with theft unless the value is over $25, and even then all they will do is collect evidence until the police arrive. It's just not worth having a team of bruisers at each entrance of each store to try to stop stupid stuff like this.