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Windows Vista Hits Sales Of 140 Million Units

Redmond (WA) - More than 140 million Vista licenses have now been sold, which averages out to around three copies every second since it went on sale last January.

"That’s a very rapid sales rate," said Bill Gates in a news conference, reports the Wall Street Journal.

However, critics are quick to point out a couple things that make the Vista sales number defy actual consumer demand. First off, almost all new computers come with Vista pre-installed, so a new PC equals a new license of Vista.

Even people who opt for the Vista-to-XP downgrade actually buy a copy of Vista, even though they may never touch it. Microsoft did not say how many of the licenses were for upgrades from XP.

Microsoft is struggling to convince consumers that Vista is strong and is the new wave for operating systems. Many people are clinging to their copies of XP, which is the longest-running and most-installed operating system by far.

The software giant recently released the first Service Pack for Vista, which has given new attention to the OS, but only for true enthusiasts.