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ViewSonic Revealed 8.9-inch Tegra, Android Tablet

During a product launch in Beijing on January 20, ViewSonic revealed its new Android-powered Vtablet 101. Retailing for 3000 Yuan ($441 USD), the tablet provides a nice 8.9-inch LVDS display with a 1024 x 800 resolution and 3D graphics powered by Nvidia's Tegra T20 chipset. According to images provided by, the product features list also indicates “HD Video Decode and Encode,” possibly meaning that we'll see some high-def graphics coming from this tablet.

The Vtablet 101 also sports Wi-Fi (802.11b/g/n) and a 3G connection, however the 3G aspect is only achieved by using an external modem via mini PCIE or USB interface. Users can also send and receive calls by using a Bluetooth headset, as the device does not feature a built-in microphone. Still, the built-in camera could lead to portable video conferencing, although you might look like an Xbox 360 gamer on the other end of the call.

Additional features found in the tablet include a 1 GHz ARM A9 SMP processor (with 2*32k L1 1 MB L2 cache), 4 GB of INAND flash storage, and possibly 1 GB of DDR2 333 MHz SDRAM. Three ports are located under a flap on the left side for a miniUSB connection and a possible SD card. The tablet also also powered by the Android mobile OS, which should lead to a very tasty tablet.

Hopefully we'll know more about an International release soon... or at least means to purchase the tablet via ViewSonic's online store. Hopefully it will reach the market in the same timeframe as Apple's tablet rumored to be available in March 2010, which is supposedly making an official appearance at a press conference held this Wednesday.

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  • lifelesspoet
    Seems everyone is trying to beat apple to market with a tablet, would be hysterical if they didn't announce one this month.
  • sdedalus83
    What a waste, android on a device with such awesome 3D capabilities and the first OOE ARM processor. For something like this we need native applications, not Java based crap.
  • Blessedman
    hmmm 3G capable through an external 3G modem... Not very 3G is it? LOL even though it apparently has a cell chip in it to makes calls... I am confused!
  • dlanijer
    hmmm.. also not even wimax capability?