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Vibrating Dumbbells Increase Workout Efficiency by 50%

If the innuendo provoking hilarity that is the Shake Weight isn't silly enough for you, perhaps the BodyVib Vibrating Dumbbells will be able to tickle your funny bone. Sure, these may look like a regular pair of dumbbells, but you are in for a surprise that will shake things up, literally. That's right, the BodyVib features an integrated oscillation unit that assists in fat burning, muscle stimulation and even promotes circulation.

The company even goes so far as to claim these vibrating dummies will increase training intensity by 50%. Since these dumbbells produce up to 2,160 vibrations per minute, we wouldn't be too surprised if this product actually lived up to its claims. The idea behind the device is that the vibrations travel from the user's palm to other body parts and muscle groups, at best enhancing the workout and at worst making the user feel ultra silly.

By sending vibrations throughout the muscle groups, the muscles are rapidly being contracted and relaxed, resulting in a stimulated workout with potentially enhanced results. Users will be able to choose from various different weights ranging from 3.3 lbs to 10lbs. With a 3.7V lithium-ion battery, the dumbbells can run for a whole 2.5 hours after being charged for 30-50 minutes. For more info, head on over to BodyVib's site here.