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Verizon Reportedly Buying iPhone Domain Names

While I was away I prayed that the ‘iPhone Coming to Verizon’ rumors would somehow have lost steam and be completely non-existent by the time I returned to work. However, it seems someone is desperate to keep the Verizon iPhone chatter alive, as the latest reports claim Big Red is snapping up iPhone-related domains.

Though Apple and AT&T’s exclusivity contract is rumored to be good until 2012, speculation that Apple will launch an iPhone for Verizon’s network has been rife almost since the original iPhone launched in 2007. 2011, it seems, will be no different.

PocketNow reports that Verizon has started buying iPhone domain names for itself. The site has discovered that "Verizon Trademark Services LLC," the same company that owns “,” now owns both "" and ""

Though reports of a Verizon iPhone can be traced back years at this stage, with just one year of AT&T exclusivity left, it makes sense for Verizon to be preparing for the day when it can finally add the iPhone to its smartphone line. However, whether we’ll hear anything on the subject from Apple or Verizon in the near future, or even before 2012, remains to be seen.

(via BGR)