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Verizon Droid X Ad Makes Fun of iPhone 4 Antenna

Set to launch July 15, the marketing machine for Motorola's Droid X is in full swing. In fact, Motorola even managed to take a swipe at the competition with one of its latest advertisements.

The full page ad published in yesterday's New York Times shows a picture of the Droid X with little labels detailing all of the most important parts of the phone. You've got the 8-megapixel camera; the 3G mobile hotspot with support for five devices; the 1GHz processor; HD video capture; Android 2.2 and Swype. However, it seems Motorola couldn't help but add one more thing to the ad. A paragraph at the bottom of the page reads [emphasis added]:

"Introducing the DROID X by MOTOROLA. Its screen is gigantic. Its capacity is huge. Every experience from messaging to movies is larger than life. It can even connect with your HD TV so you can share little things with large audiences. And most importantly, it comes with a double antenna design. The kind that allows you to hold the phone any way you like and use it just about anywhere to make crystal clear calls. You have a voice. And you deserve to be heard."

Though the stab at the iPhone 4's design hasn't gone unnoticed, it's interesting to note the Droid X employs the very same design one antenna expert last week said would have been a great solution for the iPhone. Steve and his crew are probably saving a set-up like that for next year's iteration of the iPhone.

(Source: BGR)