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Verizon's Droid 2 Specs Leaked

The first pictures of the Droid 2 appeared online last night showing a few tweaks and changes but maintaining the same overall design of the first Droid handset. The only real change seems to be the keyboard, which lacks the D-pad of the origianl Droid and sports a slightly spongier looking keyboard.

Droid Life, which was the first to post the images, says the Droid 2 is more about internal changes than external changes. The device is said to pack a 3.7-inch screen, a 750MHz OMAP CPU, WiFi tethering, 8GB of internal storage along with an 8GB SD card, a 5-megapixel camera and a new version of Motoblur. Droid Life reports that the device will ship with Android 2.1 but we're pretty close to 2.2 so with any luck, the Droid 2 can add that to its resume.

Pics below, more here.